Shanghai Railway Communication Co., Ltd. is the affiliate company of China Railway Signal and Communication Co., Ltd. We are a manufacturer of signal and communication equipment in China railway signal and communication industry and a designated company for national rail transit signal and communication equipment industrialization. We are engaged in R&D and manufacturing of signal and communication equipment, system integration and solution providing in railway and urban transit industry. We have strong ability in R&D and have undertaken the drafting of standards for various products for MOR. We have comprehensive competence in software development, circuit design, product manufacturing, system integration and technical service.

We cover an area of about 20,000 m2 and our registered capital is RMB 520 million. Currently, our overall assets exceed RMB 1 billion; the annual sales income is more than 800 million. We have over 800 employees and advanced electric assembly lines (such as SMT, auto painting, etc.), sheet metal manufacturing line, X-Ray, AOI and ICT test equipments. We also have leading information management platform, verification platform such as high speed railway and urban transit train control system test and verification center. We enjoy leading workmanship in the industry.

In recent years, on the basis of development, manufacturing and maintenance of existing railway signal and communication equipments, we have actively involved in high-speed railway and passenger dedicated line construction, as the professional supplier of railway signal and communication products. With first class product quality, complete field technical support and after-sales service, we supplies signal and communication equipments and technical service for major projects, such as Huning line (Shanghai-Nanjing) and Huhang line (Shanghai-Hangzhou). We seize the opportunity of the development of rail transit industry and keep improving product quality. While strengthening existing market, we explore new areas and try to supply more products and service in new area. We have set up good reputation in urban transit industry in many cities and in overseas market. Various products are widely used in rail transit industry.

Meanwhile, with the opportunity of restructure, we have adjusted and optimized the organization, strengthened culture and human resource construction and improved regulations and rules, so as to improve management in overall aspects. Besides, through extensive cooperation and communication, we strengthen our innovation ability and workmanship level, which result in the improvement of our core competence. We have cooperation with universities and research institutes, such as CRSCD, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing Jiaotong University. Also we established friendly cooperation with EADS, Motorola, Bombardier, Ansaldo Signal, etc. Our ability is improved through introducing, learning, re-innovation and localization.

We will continue to focus on modern signal and communication industry, to rely on the brand effect of CRSC, to implement product development and market exploration based on technology-orientated and workmanship-focused policy, to expedite system, technology and management innovation and to strengthen core team construction. We will make efforts to excel and to be a part of core competence of CRSC.

Headquarter address:   No. 489, North Xizang Road, Shanghai
Zip code:   200071
Subdivision address:   No. 179, West Jiangchang Road, Shanghai
Zip code:   200436
Telephone number:   +86 21 51016553 (English serve)
Fax:   021-51010466
Website:   http://shtx.crsc.cn/
Email:   info@srcef.com